SALT Error Codes

Below is a list of the SALT credit card processing error codes that can be returned by the SALT Payment Gateway.

Error Code Explanation
C001_TIMED_OUT Timed out before completing request, most likely because of heavy server load of transactions. Retry transaction later
C002_SYSTEM_ERROR There was a system error in the back end. Retry transaction later
C003_NETWORK_ERROR The transaction failed to process due to a network connection failure. If this error occurs, the merchant should query for the request to see whether or not it was successful.
C004_VALIDATION_ERROR There was a general error validating the merchant request input data. Double-check the data that you are sending.
C005_DECLINED The request was declined by the card processor. This can occur when:
  • The incorrect expiry date is provided
  • The incorrect CVV2 value is provided (note: will not occur in all cases that a CVV2 does not match - it is card-issuer-dependant)
C100_INVALID_MERCHANT_CREDENTIALS The provided merchant ID does not exist or the API token does not match.
C101_AMOUNT_OUT_OF_BOUNDS The specified transaction amount is invalid, e.g. a negative amount for a purchase.
C102_INVALID_PURCHASE Occurs when doing a refund and specifying a purchase ID to refund that does not exist for the merchant.
C103_INVALID_TRANSACTION Occurs when attempting to void a transaction that does not exist for the merchant.
C104_PURCHASE_NOT_IN_REFUNDABLE_STATE The purchase in its current state is not refundable.
C105_PURCHASE_REFUND_AMOUNT_OVER_LIMIT The purchase cannot be refunded by the specified amount; probably because it has passed the maximum amount that the purchase can be refunded.
C106_TRANSACTION_NOT_VOIDABLE The specified transaction in its current state is not voidable.
C107_REQUEST_DENIED The merchant is not allowed to perform the specified request.
C108_ORDER_ID_ALREADY_EXIST The specified orderId already exists and is already associated with a different transaction.
C109_INVALID_TOTAL_NUMBER_INSTALLMENTS The total number of instalments of an instalment purchase is invalid.
C110_TRANSACTION_EXCEEDS_ACCOUNT_LIMITS Transaction cannot be processed because it has exceeds the maximum amount/count permissible to the account.
C111_TRANSACTION_DOES_NOT_EXIST Occurs when trying to perform an operation on a transaction but the specified transaction does not exist
C112_PERIODIC_PURCHASE_COMPLETE_OR_CANCELLED Occurs when trying to update a periodic/recurring purchase that has already been completed or cancelled
C200_INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER The customer's credit card number is invalid (validation error).
C201_INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRY_DATE The customer's credit card expiry date is invalid (validation error).
C202_INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_CVV2_FORMAT The customer's credit card CVV2 is not in the correct format (validation error).
C203_INVALID_ZIP_FORMAT The customer's zip/postal code is invalid (validation error).
C204_INVALID_STREET_FORMAT The customer's street is invalid (validation error).
C221_CVV2_VERIFICATION_NOT_SUPPORTED The issuer does not support CVV2 verification
C222_AVS_FAILED AVS Street or Zip verification failed
C223_AVS_NOT_SUPPORTED The issuer does not support AVS
C224_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRED Expired Credit Card
C225_CARD_NOT_SUPPORTED Occurs when trying to process a credit card type that is not provisioned for (e.g. if AMEX is not setup for a Merchant account, an AMEX card will cause this error)
C226_CARD_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The transaction has exceeded the card credit limit.
C227_CARD_LOST_OR_STOLEN Credit card has been marked as lost or stolen by the issuer.
C300_STORAGE_TOKEN_ID_ALREADY_IN_USE The specified storageTokenId is already in use.
C301_STORAGE_RECORD_DOES_NOT_EXIST Storage Record with the specified storageTokenId does not exist
C302_NO_CREDIT_CARD_IN_STORAGE_RECORD Storage Record exists, but there is no credit card stored in it.
C400_DECLINED_FROM_FRAUD_PROVIDER Advanced Fraud Suite only. Declined due to failure of advanced fraud suite check.
C401_APPROVED_FROM_FRAUD_PROVIDER Advanced Fraud Suite only. Approved by fraud suite check. Applies to a fraud-suite-only check
C402_REVIEW_FROM_FRAUD_PROVIDER Advanced Fraud Suite only. A review status was returned by the fraud suite check. You should login to the Fraud Provider interface to review the transaction.